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Value and Celebrate Freedom on Independence Day

Fourth of July is a day to celebrate the freedom and independence Americans so value. We can also take time on this day to thank veterans for their hard work and commitment to our country. A great way to do this is with a beautiful display of patriotic flowers. The floral experts at Julia's Florist have created beautiful Fourth of July blooms. Take a look at our great collection and choose something perfect. Send to a veteran you know. Also, place these spirited arrangements around your home this Fourth of July. As a result, show your community what patriotism means to you. Read More about Value and Celebrate Freedom on Independence Day »
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Perfect Summer Blooms To Welcome Summer

Summer has arrived and with it comes longer days, warmer weather, and bright colors. This is a wonderful season to celebrate life in all its glory. A great way to welcome summer is with perfect summer blooms displayed throughout your home. Also, use summer flowers to decorate every event you host this summer. The possibilities are endless, just like the best summers. The floral designers at Julia's Florist will be happy to show you our summer showcase and let you choose something perfect from our gorgeous collection of bright summer blooms. Read More about Perfect Summer Blooms To Welcome Summer »
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Classic White Floral Styles For Before And After Labor Day

Decorating with white can be as simple as disregarding antiquated rules about white and Labor Day and embracing the idea that you have a smart sense of style that can see unique beauty in a variety of looks. Put your inhibitions aside and play with fresh ideas, like including an all-white floral arrangement as your decorate for fall. The floral experts at Julia’s Florist recommend bouquets that are rich in texture and style while maintaining a single color for maximum effect. Accent an all-white dining table or place in a living room or study that has rich dark colors for a fresh contrast. Read More about Classic White Floral Styles For Before And After Labor Day »
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Healthy, Happy Bees

If you’re looking for a simple way to promote a healthy environment in your own backyard, try including bee-friendly blooms and plants to encourage a balanced eco-system and strong pollination. Bees are important contributors to our food sources due to their pollination work. Create a great space for them with bright flowers and simple petal patterns, like daisies and sunflowers. Provide some shade and water to keep bees cool and hydrated as they work. Use organic pesticides (or go all natural) to invite bees into your garden and help them thrive. The floral experts at Julia’s Florist have some great designs that make wonderful bee-friendly porch or patio pieces. Read More about Healthy, Happy Bees »
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A Paradisaical Summer Party

Summertime is a great opportunity for get-togethers and small gatherings. When you plan a dinner party, the meal is not the only important factor. Of course you want to serve a creative, eclectic menu, but presentation is just as essential as the quality of the food. This season, let your dinner parties exude your creative brilliance from start to finish with excellent food served on a beautiful setting. Together, you’ll establish a winning combination that will impress all your guests. The creative experts at Julia’s Florist have a plethora of options to enhance your dining experience, from traditional and classic to exotic and unique. Read More about A Paradisaical Summer Party »
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Sweet, Sweet Summer Flowers

The sweetness of summer can be found all around us this time of year. From sticky popsicles to children running through sprinklers, summer reminds us that a lot of joy can be found in the little things. Morning sunshine streaming through the windows, the aroma of a backyard grill, and the feel of the sun on your face all lend a hand in reminding us of simple pleasures. At Julia’s Florist our summer bouquets reflect the essence of all things innocent and pure that summertime has to offer. Browse our summer collection for some excellent ideas to make your summer perfectly simple. Read More about Sweet, Sweet Summer Flowers »
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Floral Designs Featuring Hydrangea

The summer season provides us with many varieties of flowers that are popular year after year. One of these seasonal favorites is the hydrangea, which blooms from late spring to early fall and is the basis for so many of our most beautiful floral arrangements. In fact, the hydrangea is most often used as a "supporting player".  However, this year, Julia's Florist would like to shine a spotlight on this beautiful and lush flower and suggest that you bring home a few bunches to display on their own. After all, the color palette and generous flower head is more than capable of infusing your space with a refreshing summer ambiance all by itself. Read More about Floral Designs Featuring Hydrangea »
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Flowers that are Nature’s Insect Repellent

In the summer, the insects seems to come out to play. And if you are one of those people that the insects just seem to be attracted to, it can get fairly uncomfortable. Many people, worried about chemicals and pesticides, have turned to natural remedies to this problem. The essential oils in many herbs and plants are used to make insect repellent (such as oil of lemongrass which makes citronella). And although the jury is out about the effectiveness of plants to completely eliminate insects, most do agree that by cultivating the right plants and flowers in your garden you can cut down on the numbers you see and experience. At Julia's Florist, we'd love to help you to create an outdoor space with some of nature's very own "pesticides". Read More about Flowers that are Nature’s Insect Repellent »
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Bold Seasonal Flowers for your Summer Parties

You've sent out the invitations, planned the menu, and set up the tables - you are almost ready to welcome your guests. But before you do, don't forget the flowers! Summer parties of all kinds are enhanced by the addition of centerpieces, seasonal bouquets, and floral party decor that will make your occasion truly special. Summer flowers are bold and bright, and add style, elegance, and fun to your tablescape. Call Julia's Florist or shop our Summer Collection to ensure that all of your Wilmington get-togethers and gatherings are as beautiful as possible.  Read More about Bold Seasonal Flowers for your Summer Parties »
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