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Holiday Floral Baskets

As you decorate your home for the holidays this season, don’t forget to include live green foliage in your decor. A beautiful potted plant or elegant holiday wreath hanging on your front door can add tons of holiday cheer to your home this season. Bring an inviting warmth to the look of your home by adding fresh greenery or flowers to your decorating scheme this year. Take a look at the beautiful collection of holiday wreaths, plant designs, and floral bouquets created by the artisans at Julia’s Florist. Read More about Holiday Floral Baskets »
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The People We’re Most Grateful For

At Thanksgiving, we like to stop and reflect on who and what we are most thankful for. At Julia’s Florist, we could not do what we do without the amazing team of dedicated professionals who bring you the freshest, highest quality flowers available every day. From competent and industrious growers and farmers to our aesthetic designers, hard-working sales staff and professional delivery drivers, everyone on our team works hard to make sure you receive beautiful flowers every day of the year. Read More about The People We’re Most Grateful For »
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Make A Modern American Table This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, if you’re looking for a way to step outside of tradition and design an original, creative way to celebrate the holiday, think about hosting a picnic-style Thanksgiving. Set up tables in your backyard or take the party to a local park. Serve traditional Thanksgiving dishes buffet-style while including all the trimmings to remind guests of thankfulness. Beautiful table linens and decor can complement your fall venue while a gorgeous centerpiece from our collection at Kitty’s Flowers will tie the look together. Read More about Make A Modern American Table This Thanksgiving »
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Dressing Your Thanksgiving Table With Centerpieces

One of the most exciting parts about Thanksgiving - at least to us here at Julia's Florist - is what goes on the dining table. No, we don't mean food, though the feast itself certainly gets top billing at our house. It's the flowers, and specifically, the centerpiece. What you put in the middle of your table is meant to capture the spirit of your Thanksgiving, whether you're hosting an informal potluck where everybody brings their signature dish or a more formal affair. Centerpieces are meant to be enjoyed and remarked upon. They have to be lovely but not distracting. And your guests have to be able to talk over them, so keep those pieces long and low, we say. Read More about Dressing Your Thanksgiving Table With Centerpieces »
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Centerpieces, Candlelight & Celebration

When executed correctly, the holiday table is a thing of beauty. From the festive place settings to the mouth-watering turkey fresh from the oven, getting together with loved ones is the most beloved aspect of our Thanksgiving celebrations. The spirit that gorgeous seasonal flowers, centerpieces, and candles bring to the ambiance cannot be ignored. At Julia's Florist, we are honored to have played a small part in the Wilmington area Thanksgiving festivities for over 25 years - and this year, we hope to help you start some beautiful new traditions! Read More about Centerpieces, Candlelight & Celebration »
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Traditions and Thanksgiving Customs

Thanksgiving is a holiday born out of meaningful tradition and sentiments. The gathering commonly accepted as representing the first Thanksgiving meal took place in Plymouth Meeting, Massachusetts in 1621. The Pilgrims wished to express gratitude for a successful first harvest and invited the local Wampanoag Indians who had assisted them with growing the abundant food. To this day, we still gather with family and friends to show our appreciation for their love and support, as well as to recognize the many good things in our lives. At Julia's Florist, we are proud that we have participated in Wilmington area Thanksgiving customs for over 25 years. Read More about Traditions and Thanksgiving Customs »
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