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Holiday Gift Baskets

gift basketIn case you didn’t finish your holiday gift shopping on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday, Julia’s Florist has a variety of lovely holiday gift baskets and collectibles we’re confident will be major hits with any recipient on your holiday gift list – even the most finicky of them. Let us help you finish your gift shopping so you can relax and enjoy the fun activities that are so much a part of this festive season.

We decided to showcase a few special examples of the gift baskets and gifts you’ll find at our shop. Use them as inspiration for the extra gifts you need to buy for on your holiday gift shopping list.


A Healthy Holiday Fruit Basket

It’s easy to succumb to the temptation of every delicious holiday treat that comes your way. A thoughtful gift that’s suited to any recipient is the Holiday Fruit Basket. The basket overflows with luscious fresh fruit. It is accented with holly leaves and berries and a decorative holiday bow. This gift is ideal for business associates, a common area at work, for acquaintances for whom you need to give a gift, neighbors, family or friends.


Mark Roberts Fairies

For a lover of holiday collectibles, a Mark Roberts Fairy is the perfect gift and one that will bring many years of lasting memories as it is handed down from generation to generation, as so many Christmas traditions and decorations are.


The Christmas Stocking Fairy 16” is cute as a button in his stocking cap with a bell at the top, his Santa-like red trousers, and a red, white and green tunic. His turned-up shoes are trimmed in festive greenery. No one could resist this elf-like fairy who will add a ton of warmth and ambiance to any area where he adds some holiday spice.

The Peppermint Pleasures Fairy is equally cute. His red and white striped top hat is reminiscent of a striped peppermint candy cane. The belt buckle looks like a peppermint lozenge that are so popular throughout the year. This little guy is available in two different sizes — 11-inches and 18-inches.


The Chocolate Lover’s Delight


Delight a chocolate lover with our Classic Brownie Dozen, a box of one dozen 3-inch by 3-inch brownie squares. The gift basket is filled with brownie in each of 12 different flavors. Who could resist such a delectable treat? It’s a chocolate lover’s paradise, and a gift they’ll certainly remember.


Don’t procrastinate on your gift shopping. Let Julia’s Florist help you choose the perfect food gift basket or special holiday keepsake for anyone on your holiday gift list. We’re positive we can make your holiday shopping as enjoyable as the holidays themselves.