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Decorate Your Tables With Glittering Jewels Of Flowers

Bring a fresh burst of autumn into your home this season with gorgeous flowers in jewel tones that evoke feelings of all things fall. Rich and moody, these deep colors bring a fresh burst of fall to your decor to let you experience autumn from any room in the house. Brighten and freshen your main living space with a gorgeous creation of jewel-tones from the creators at Julia’s Florist. Read More about Decorate Your Tables With Glittering Jewels Of Flowers »
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Wearable Flowers for Proms & Formals

The spring is a time of many kinds of celebration - and the high school prom is one of the most anticipated of these events. From the nervous invitation to the last dance, the night is full of traditions and customs that have come to represent a rite of passage for high school seniors. Among these traditions is that of beautiful formal flowers - in fact, we couldn't imagine this important dance without them! When you are preparing to attend a Wilmington area prom, don't hesitate to call Julia's Florist. We've been providing corsages and boutonnieres for proms for decades - and we have all of the designs you are looking for. Don't Forget! Wearable flowers are perfect for other occasions as well. Order a suave boutonniere for your handsome graduate, or an elegant corsage for Mom to wear to brunch on Mother's Day! for any occasion that is extra special, the floral designers at Julia's Florist are here to help. Read More about Wearable Flowers for Proms & Formals »
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Floral Design Celebrated as Art

Carl Rittner founded his Boston School of Floral Design nearly seven decades ago, with a vision of inspiring students to see floral design as a legitimate art form. Recognized as a pioneer in the industry and a true visionary, Rittner was adored by his students, who were eager to find a meaningful way to honor him.  Floral Design Day was instituted on February 28th, 1995, designated an official Boston celebration. However, the idea has since spread across the country. The day is seen as an opportunity for the industry to recognize their own professionals, who use their artistic talent and creative imagination to make the world a little more beautiful every day.  Read More about Floral Design Celebrated as Art »
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