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Julia's Florist

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The Allure Of Fragrant Flowers

Daylight Savings is here, and the calendar tells us that spring is nearly here, but to anyone who steps outside or keeps an eye on the 10-day weather forecast, there is nothing to give us an inkling that the meteorological date on which spring arrives will offer proof that winter is a thing of the past. For the impatient people in our community (and that includes our creative team), Julia’s Florist comes to the rescue to fill your home, workspace, or business with fresh cut fragrant flowers.

Capture the feeling of an old-fashioned cutting garden, and bring the allure of nature into your home or office with an elegant and sophisticated arrangement we call Wild. We chose a rustic wooden box instead of a traditional vase because the combination of a nature-inspired container and modern and sleek cut flowers make this design more versatile. And that versatility makes it the perfect accent for any decor style or environment. We chose delicate Cymbidium orchids, hydrangeas, roses, fragrant stock, tulips, and eucalyptus stems. We were deliberate in our selection of flowers because we wanted a combination of flowers that would fill the air with a scent that resembles that of the most luxurious perfumes. Try to imagine living or working in a place where gorgeous, fragrant flowers create a more relaxing and enjoyable environment.

Orchids, tulips, stock, hydrangea and eucalyptus in a rustic wooden box.If you’d prefer to have more color in your flowers, we’ve got a massive selection of spring flower arrangements from which you can choose. Chase the winter blues away. Julia’s Florist will help you select or customize one or more floral designs that will help you fill your office, business, or home with the warmth and enticing smell of colorful flowers.