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Birthstone Bouquets Throughout the Year

birthstone bouquets
By their very nature, flowers have inherent meaning. They express sentiments, emotions, and messages, whether through the type of flower, or the color of the bloom. Another way that flowers are used to be meaningful gifts is in birthstone bouquets.
birthstone bouquets
Birthstone bouquets are designed to be floral representations of the precious stones which represent each month of the year. Over the years, these gems were thought to have magical powers which were transferred to anyone who was lucky enough to own one. In modern times, the beautiful stones are more symbolic than anything else, but do make the perfect inspiration for vivid birthday floral designs.

Need Some Help? Just let our floral designers know when it is time to send a birthday bouquet. We’ll look at the associated birthstone and help you to choose the best flowers to showcase all the exotic beauty of their special gem. Don’t forget colored stones, jewels, and details to finish off the arrangement!

Here is the list of the birthstones as it has existed for about 100 years.
January: Garnet (red)
February: Amethyst (purple)
March: Aquamarine (bright blue)
April: Diamond (white and crystal)
May: Emerald (green)
June: Pearl (white)
July: Ruby (red)
August: Peridot (yellow-green)
September: Sapphire (blue)
October: Opal (luminescent white)
November: Topaz (amber)
December: Turquoise

While we have hundreds of pre-designed products for you to choose for your loved one’s birthdays, we are also happy to work with you to create an extraordinary custom arrangement for every occasion. If you want to surprise them with a meaningful gift that they won’t expect, let Julia’s Florist take care of the details. We guarantee a gorgeous result.