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Fall Flowers You Will Love

fall flowersThe start of September is always a reminder that summer is ending. We see that in many ways, especially as the length of days grow shorter. Perhaps the most obvious sign for many people is the saddest one: the growth cycle of things in our yards and gardens is winding down. Slowly, those perennial flowers that brought us so much joy all summer and are fading away. As summer ends, we welcome the harvest. Our team of floral designers here at Julia’s Florist relish the opportunity to create floral arrangements that celebrate the beautiful earthy colors and color combinations that are synonymous with fall.


Fall colors are reminiscent of colorful changing leaves, and of seasonal foods that remind us of earthy colors. Browns, yellows, variations of red, purple, orange, and shades of green that go from intensely dark to very light capture the essence of the season. Fall floral colors illustrate the loss of pigment that may be a natural response to fewer hours of daylight.


We have come up with several outstanding floral arrangements and plants that reflect the season, the colors, and its connection with the harvest. Don’t let the flow from summer to fall prevent you from enjoying the beautiful flowers and flower combinations that are allow us to bring the ambiance of the autumn season into our homes, offices or businesses.

fall flowers

Fall Mum Plant

The presence of pumpkins is a sign that fall is in the air. Whether you turn them into pumpkin pie, pumpkin butter or pumpkin soup, or use them in a fall indoor or outdoor decorating theme, you can’t think of fall without thinking of pumpkins. Our Pumpkin Delight is sure to warm the heart of anyone who sees or receives it. We fill a ceramic keepsake pumpkin with beautiful yellow and orange flowers, including sunflowers, carnations, chrysanthemums, and solidaster. Enjoy the keepsake pumpkin and use it again and again as you change the décor of your living and working spaces to reflect each season.


If you want to add a spice of fall to a front porch, deck or patio but can’t think of how to accomplish that, our Fall Mum Plant is the answer to your dilemma. No flowering plant captures the essence of autumn the way chrysanthemums do. Our plant oozes fall with its rustic color that combines shades of orange, bronze, yellow and gold in the petals of the flowers. Perfect for outdoors and equally suitable for inside, you can enjoy this plant throughout the season and beyond. Plant it in the ground to give your outdoor areas some vibrant seasonal color.


You can count on Julia’s Florist for a huge selection of fall flowers to use to embrace the beauty of earthy colors.