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This February Give the Gift of Violets

shutterstock_196566356As February quickly progresses, people everywhere find themselves searching for the perfect gifts for the February birthdays in their lives. For those celebrating their special day during this month, finding a gift that can help light up the room and the indoors despite the winter cold and dreariness will be absolutely perfect. At Julia’s Florist, we find that the violet can be a particularly perfect gift for this time of year.

To begin, it is the birthday flower for the month of February, which makes it a wonderful choice for any birthday. It also has a rich and vibrant color that is perfect for the middle of winter and a delicate beauty that anyone will appreciate. We also find that the history and symbolism associated with this flower can be meaningful for loved ones celebrating their birthdays. We find that when people learn about the ideas commonly associated with this flower, they understand the wonderful reasons why this flower is perfect.

The meaning behind the violet

The violet has a rich history dating back to the myths of Ancient Greece and Rome. It was believed that the goddess Diana had a nymph companion who was disguised as a violet to protect her modesty. Nero also had violets laid upon his tomb by those who wanted to show their affection for the late emperor.

The symbolism spread to the early Christians as they began creating their own art. Both the flower and the violet color were used along with the Virgin Mary to represent modesty, humility, and spiritual wisdom.

The flower was also strongly associated with royalty and took upon meanings of power and confidence.

In modern times, the violet holds onto many of these traditional meanings. It is also is used to represent commitment and faithfulness, such as in a marriage.


Blooming Garden Basket

Give the gift of the violet

For birthday gifts in February, we love giving a Blooming Garden basket. Our arrangement includes African Violets, Mums, Kalanchoe, and other stunning flowers. This arrangement adds beautiful color anywhere in a home or office, helping the recipient to have a bit of light and life throughout the remainder of winter.

Those interested in finding a fantastic gift for someone celebrating a February birthday should look no further than some stunning violets. These lovely flowers offer incredible beauty and a rich history that any recipient should appreciate.