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Formal Flowers & Floral Crowns for Homecoming

formal flowers Homecoming weekend is full of history. Your school likely has a tradition going back decades. The first homecoming festivities were held over 100 years ago. And our favorite formal flowers, corsages and boutonnieres, date all the way back to the Victorian Era! With so much tradition, it is no wonder that homecoming weekend is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Julia’s Florist is ready to provide the most beautiful flowers for your homecoming look – whether you prefer elegant and sophisticated, or fun and flirty. What is your formal style? 
Corsages traditionally were worn on the bodice of  woman’s dress, a custom originating in Europe in the 1800’s. Ladies wore flowers for many reasons, from proclaiming social status, to using them for fragrance, to simply making a fashion statement. When she was interested in a young man, she would pluck a flower from her bouquet, and put it in his buttonhole.

In recent years a different form of corsage has grown in popularity. The wristlet combines jewelry and flowers, arranging blooms on a band made of ribbon, beads, rhinestones, or faux pearls. But whether wristlet or traditional corsage, it is still customary for the boutonniere to look as if it was pulled from her flowers.

formal flowers You also may wish to consider floral crowns for the homecoming dance. Also popular with brides in lieu of veils, floral crowns are whimsical and ethereal, and add an air of magic to your homecoming ensemble. Choose from one of our crowns, or tell us your favorite flowers, and we’ll design something just for you.

No matter why you need formal flowers – from the homecoming dance to a night on the town – the expert team at Julia’s Florist is your go-to choice in Wilmington.