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Gift Giving For Breast Cancer Awareness With Flowers

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a time set aside to remind women to take the steps needed to preserve and protect their health. Sending a bouquet of flowers to the important women in your life can serve as a loving reminder for them to do the appropriate health checks for early detection. Flowers are also a thoughtful way to help lift the spirits of someone who is facing a cancer diagnosis. Not sure what kind of flowers to give? Consider these five festive flower types for Breast Cancer Awareness gift giving:

1. Uplift Her With Lilies

The regal, magestic lily exudes hope and positive energy. Its radiant spirit makes lily ideal for giving to someone who is battling breast cancer, or to loved ones who are supporting someone who is. An Enchanting Stargazer Lilies arrangement showcases big pink stargazer lilies that are sure to delight.

2. Fresh-Cut Tulips

Tulips bring a freshness that symbolizes new life and new beginnings. They look stunning in a colorful standalone bouquet, or mixed with other festive flowers. A Colorful Blooms arrangement combines tulips with roses, hydrangea and gerbera daisies in gorgeous pastel colors.

3. Say it With Roses

Ah, the classic rose — this flower symbolizes love like no other, and sending pink ones can be the perfect gift for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Roses are available in pastel shades as well as bolder shades of pink. A Pretty in Pink arrangement blends hot pink roses, bouvardia, ranunculus, and lilies in a stylish low cylindrical vase. Send her roses, and she’ll know you care.

4. Delight Them With Daisies

Daisies bring a cheerful, fun vibe to any arrangement. They work well as the focal point of a bouquet or as accent flowers. The Thoughtful bouquet brings pink carnations, daisies and Alstromeria lilies together in an adorable bubble bowl; the Be Mine bouquet combines pink gerbera daisies, white daisies and elegant roses.

5. Add Elegance With Orchids

Orchids brighten the mood and lift the spirits while bringing an exotic feel to a flower arrangement. Orchids also convey support and strength. The Abundance of Love bouquet artfully combines purple dendrobium orchids with pink roses, hydrangea, lilies, and red hearts accents.

Sending flowers always shows care and thoughtfulness. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s an ideal time to show the important women in your life how special they are. Your gift can also serve as a reminder to practice key self-care tips to so they stay healthy for years to come. Sending lilies, tulips, roses,¬†daisies or orchids can strike the perfect note; however, just about any bloom in the color pink can make a wonderful impression.