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Gift Giving this Employee Appreciation Day

footer-590pxThe Eastern part of the United States is experiencing an especially difficult winter. That includes areas throughout the Mid-Atlantic, including Wilmington. Here at Julia’s Florist, we take comfort in knowing that our plants, flowers and gifts, brighten the days for the hard-working people of our community who trudge through the elements, determined to go into work, despite the nastiness outside.

As the calendar closes in on another national day of appreciation, we know how important the little things are, and we’ve got an abundance of food treats, flowers, and plants that are excellent choices for employers to give their employees on National Employee Appreciation Day. This observance, which started in 1995, always falls on the first Friday of March. This year, that day is March 6th.

We’ve come up with three suggestions that are ideal gifts to give male or female employees, individual employees or groups. Although these gifts are just tokens, employees are sure to appreciate the thought their bosses put into coming up with a gift. A gift is a tangible way to say “Thanks,” or “We value your contributions to the company.”

Something for Everyone

If you want a gift that appeals to everyone, you can always count on food. We think our Classic Brownie Dozen is the perfect way to show your employees how much you appreciate them. This is no ordinary box of brownies. There are twelve different fairytale flavors, and the uncommon ingredient combinations rev up the special factor. Some of the most unusual flavors include cream cheese, raspberry swirl, Espresso Nib, mint chocolate, pecan, and toffee crunch.

Indulge Your Staffzoom_junkfood

When you want your employees to feel like you really appreciate them, treat your work teams to the ultimate fun-filled snack time goodies. Our Junk Food Fantasy basket is filled to the brim with something for everyone. It includes bags of chips, candy bars, cookies, and soda. There will be plenty for everyone, and this jam-packed basket of popular favorites is an excellent way to deliver an all-inclusive message of thanks and appreciation.

Abricola, a Miniature Schefflera Plant

This attractive green plant looks like the familiar Schefflera plant, but it has smaller leaves. The dark green shiny leaves of this easy-to-care-for plant will brighten any office, cubicle, or large, open workspace. It doesn’t need a lot of light, so it’s ideal for businesses that lack the direct, full-sun exposure that many other plants might need.