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Give A Gift That’s Both Sweet And Beautiful

One of the most beautiful symbols of Valentine’s Day is the red rose, and Julia’s Florist has fun and creative floral offerings for creating joy and excitement this holiday. As a memorable and vivid gift for your loved one, roses become even sweeter when you pair them with playfully decorated vases and candles.

Red roses will always be the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day but choosing flowers and gifts that are just a little different than anything you’ve given before can give the day an even sweeter boost.

With the Light My Fire rose bouquet gift set, your valentine will receive the classic arrangement of delicate red spray roses in a lovely ceramic vase that’s decorated with mischievous little hearts. Also included is a candle housed in a little canvas bag that features a message of love on the exterior. The arrangement is a lovely way to brighten a desk in a little cubicle, the classroom of a teacher, or anywhere some vivid colors would beautify the space.

The Light My Fire bouquet and candle is the perfect way to give your beloved the roses you love giving each year in a creative and unexpected way.

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, romance, and reaffirming relationships. Celebrating it in a playful and impish way can breathe new life into a holiday you’ve been celebrating for many years. Choose a beautiful bouquet of roses from Julia’s Florist this year, and let your beloved know how special they are to you.