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Giving Roses for National Rose Month

National Rose Month

What is your favorite flower? Although we all have our opinion, there is no denying the allure of the rose. Adored for thousands of years, revered by royalty, and representative of true love – the rose has long held a coveted position as the queen of the flowers. June is National Rose Month, the perfect time for those of us who love this iconic flower to fill our homes with the gorgeous bloom, or send a few bouquets to people we love. And in the summertime, Julia’s Florist has the vivid pinks, oranges and yellows that will brighten every celebration – or simply bring beauty to your living room!

Did You Know? It takes approximately 60,000 roses to produce a single fluid ounce of rose oil, called attar. (That is a lot of rose petals!) In the middle ages, the very highest levels of society would flaunt their wealth by using attar as perfume for their baths. The color of rose chosen generally has much to do with your relationship to the recipient. For instance, a dozen long-stemmed red roses are appropriate for a significant other or romantic partner, and you might raise a few eyebrows if you were to send the same bouquet to a favorite teacher on her birthday. Yellow roses signify either friendship or admiration – so would be a good choice for your teacher – and pink roses can either mean gratitude (dark pink roses) or innocence and sweetness (light pink roses).
National Rose MonthIf you decide to send a bouquet of mixed roses of many colors, no one meaning dominates – they are simply considered a beautiful way to send your regards!

Roses are a perennial favorite, and you cannot go wrong by sending them. This June, recognize National Rose Month by sending some of these gorgeous flowers to those you love. Julia’s Florist is ready to deliver throughout Wilmington and beyond – after all, everyone needs a little beauty in their life.