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Halloween Bouquets and Seasonal Design

Halloween Bouquets

With Halloween comes many traditions. From trick-or-treating to jack-o-lanterns this day is known to conjure up memories.from childhood in the best of ways. At Julia’s Florist, we have the Halloween bouquets, designs and seasonal decor that will bring all the funny, whimsy and warmth into your home or office.

Trick-or-treating has its roots in the 1930’s, when going door to door for candy was suggested as a non-threatening alternative to the more mischievous “tricks” that were the prevailing custom of the day. A practice called “souling”, which saw the poor walking from door to door asking for food, was the inspiration for the tradition,  and it is easy to see where “trick or treat!” came from. Given its popularity for the next century, it seems everyone liked the idea – although the pranksters decided that they still needed a night to wreak a little havoc, and “Mischief Night” was born in many communities.

Halloween bouquetsThe pumpkin has long been a symbol of harvest festivals, centuries before it was associated with Halloween. The jack-o-lantern was also not a Halloween creation; instead the carved pumpkins were used as lanterns by night watchmen. The watchmen themselves were originally called “jack of the lantern” but eventually the name shifted to the illumination itself. Today, pumpkin carving and lit up faces are synonymous with the holiday, although it is unclear when the two merged.

The floral designers at Julia’s Florist are inspired by the sights , colors and textures of the holiday when they create Halloween bouquets and arrangements. Red, orange and yellow flowers – mums, lilies, roses and daisies – are often accented by fall foliage to express seasonal ambiance; and of course, the pumpkins are a part of the display. Whether mini-pumpkins or a keepsake ceramic container, we love designing with the popular gourd.

Whether looking for a centerpiece or to adorn your front porch, Julia’s Florist has the most beautiful seasonal arrangements for your Halloween celebrations.  We love this time of year in Wilmington – call us today for your own festive decor.