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How to Send the Best St. Patrick’s Day Flowers

social copyIf there’s one nice thing about St. Patrick’s Day (other than the freedom to celebrate and party up a storm), it’s that spring is just a few days away. Here at Julia’s Florist in Wilmington, we’re definitely feeling the spirit of spring. We couldn’t pass up a chance to do something special to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you want to add a touch of green or a bit of good old-fashioned  Irish luck to your home or office, or spread that cheer around among friends or family, we’ve got some fun options from which you can choose. St. Patty’s Day spirit is in our air.


If you’re looking for something so special, it will knock the socks off your recipient, we’ve got a spectacular suggestion. Our“Bouquet of Bells of Ireland and Callas” is sheer elegance. This loose bouquet of the sophisticated Calla Lily and Bells of Ireland is breathtakingly simple. We tie it with a lovely piece of white satin ribbon. If you’ve got a St. Patrick’s Day dinner date, this is a lovely way to start the date. If you’re invited out for dinner, this is a gorgeously thoughtful way to show your appreciation for the invitation.


Show your Irish spirit at work. Our “Green Carnations by the Bunch” will help you spread a bit of Irish luck around the workplace. This bunch of 25 green carnations comes wrapped in florist paper. This bunch of green carnations is ideal for anyone who wants to share a flower with co-workers, friends, or people on the street, simply because it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Nothing says you can’t take this arrangement home and put the flowers in vases that you spread out throughout your house. Flowers always spruce up a home or office.


Our “St. Patrick’s Day Bouquet” is a fun mix of green carnations and white flowers. We add some special accents for St. Patrick’s Day. This whimsical little bouquet is sure to brighten someone’s day, and bring out that spring smile in his or her eyes. It doesn’t take much to make a statement with St. Patrick’s Day flowers, and this bouquet does it in a tastefully simple way.