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Make Your Desktop Happy With Plants And Flowers

April 25, 2018, is this year’s observance of Administrative Professionals Day. It’s part of a week-long celebration that used to be known as National Secretaries Week. A woman by the name of Mary Barrett came up with the idea in her capacity as one of the leaders of the National Secretaries Association, an organization that was founded during World War II as a way to offer secretaries and receptionists, the support they deserved. The entire Julia’s Florist team is thrilled to participate in this event that honors the unsung heroes of most businesses.

Desk gardens consist of a decorative container that’s filled with a variety of green plants. The different sizes, patterns, and shades of green that you’ll see on different plants give this desktop garden a feast for the eyes. Green plants are ideal for an office because they purify the air while promoting productivity and greater focus.

Orchids are an elegant and sophisticated show-stopper. The simplicity of a one or two stem orchid in a decorative container makes it the perfect office or cubicle desk accent. Like green plants, orchids will also help people focus and be more productive. Because of its minimal Zen-like design, it may even inspire your employees to keep their desks free of clutter.

We encourage the businesses in our community to celebrate their administrative professionals. Let the experienced floral design team at Julia’s Florist help you choose a green or blooming plant to give to your administrative assistants.