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Perfect Flowers to Wear at Prom

Prom flowersWearable flowers are wonderful adornments to help couples look even more stunning on the big day of their high school prom. Couples across the country will helping each other put on these flowers, snapping pictures, and heading out to dance.

Although the use of these flowers reaches almost everyone in the country, many people do not know the interesting history of using wearable flowers. At Julia’s Florist, we enjoy helping customers learn about the tradition and then pick out a beautiful wearable flower to give to their date for prom.

The history of wearable flowers

People have been wearing flowers for thousands of years. In ancient times the flowers were used to show support for particular sports teams or players.

Gradually, the flower came to represent more love and affection. Flowers were viewed as a way to ward off evil spirits, so giving a few flowers to a date was viewed as a wonderful way to protect her.

The tradition continued to be increasingly common over the years for both genders. Flowers were pinned to clothing to ward off evil spirits and disease. They also smelled pleasant. Over time, since women’s fashions began to change and more dresses began to be sleeveless or have spaghetti straps, it became less practical to pin the flowers to the dress. Instead, women began wearing them on their wrist– introducing the modern corsage.

Finding the right corsage and boutonniere

Ideally, the corsage and boutonniere should both match the woman’s gown. For the boy looking for a corsage for his date, this can be a challenge, since he does not have the actual dress in front of him. For this reason, many people seek corsages that will match many dresses. Our elegant white roses work well for this goal. Others will use a description of the gown or even a swatch of fabric to find flowers that will match.

Women buying a boutonniere for men tend to have an advantage because they have the gown in front of them. They might use neutral colors or they can find a lovely flower, such as our pink carnation, to match their gown and be made into a boutonniere.

Finding the right corsage or boutonniere for a prom date can seem challenging. At Julia’s Florist we find that those who understand the history behind the tradition tend to have a much easier time. We look forward to helping more customers find the right flowers for their dates.