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Posted by juliasflorist on February 19, 2017 | Last Updated: February 22, 2017 Uncategorized

It’s the Season for Spring Flowers


While in Wilmington we don’t deal with the snow and cold weather that other parts of the country do, we still look forward to spring. Along with the new season comes the greener grass and trees, the brighter skies, the warmer temperatures, and the incredible colors of the blooming flowers. The floral designers at Julia’s Florist are excited to create the freshest bouquets and arrangements with these blossoms – and thought you might like to see what you can expect as we leave winter behind!

The First Flowers: Although some hardy ground covers do bloom earlier, the first true flower to announce the arrival of the spring is the crocus. This bulb flower has been growing underground all winter, and can barely wait to poke its head up through the soil – often when snow is still evident. If you see this small, colorful flower, you can be sure winter’s days are numbered. julias
Here are some other flowers that are popular in springtime:

* The daffodil, tulip, and hyacinth are all bulb flowers as well. These flowers are nearly synonymous with spring, as they are often seen in Easter arrangements and spring bouquets. While daffodils are yellow, both tulips and hyacinth are known to bloom in many bright spring colors.

* The gerbera daisy, the sunflower, and other brightly colored asters are cheerful ambassadors of the season. A bouquet of daisies spreads happiness like no other flower.

* While roses and orchids are available year round, floral designers love to experiment with spring colors. For instance, green orchids add verdant life to bouquets, while orange, neon pink or purple roses add excitement to seasonal arrangements.

* While white lilies are the go-to Easter flower, yellow, orange and pink stargazer lilies are staples of floral designsspring during the entire season.

* Snapdragons, lisianthus. delphinium and alstroemeria are “support flowers” that usually provide the backdrop for other arrangements. Fill a vase with these flowers and give them a starring role – you won’t be disappointed.

If you are looking to bring the essence of spring into your home or office, call Julia’s Florist and find out which flowers are in the shop this week – and let our experts create a custom design just for you! Then go home, throw open the windows, and enjoy anticipating all that spring has to offer.