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Send Your Condolences- Sympathy Flowers

sympathy flowersDeath is difficult for anyone – regardless of the circumstances. Sometimes it can be difficult to express your sympathy, no matter how close you are to the survivors or how well you knew the deceased. Fortunately, you can count on Julia’s Florist to help you choose a thoughtful arrangement that is sure to comfort the bereaved.

In case you are wondering how to share your condolences or how best to express your sympathies, we’ve come up with some suggestions. We have a broad range of sympathy flowers that are suitable for every situation – home, coffin, service, or grave site.

Thoughtful Arrangements for the Home

Many people send flowers to the funeral parlor. While that’s a lovely and appropriate gesture, it’s important not to forget that the family of someone who just died will return to their house. Sending flowers to remind them of your thoughtfulness while they’re grieving at home is another way to show your sympathy.

Garden Blooms is a lovely arrangement in a short cylinder vase that’s wrapped in lace burlap and tied in a bow with a piece of jute rope. The vase is filled with roses, hydrangeas, Hypericum berries and other seasonal flowers. It’s made to look like a bouquet that came right out of your garden. It is sure to provide comfort to the family during those difficult times at home.

Share your sympathies with a thoughtful gift like Pink Reverence. This delightful basket is filled with pink flowers and greenery and decorative filler. It’s the perfect gift to send to the home of a family member, friend or any other important person in your life.

sympathy flowers

Pink Reverence

Flowers for Veterans or Members of the Military

When you want to express your sympathies and send your condolences to the family of a deceased veteran or member of the military, you want to send flowers that honor the military person’s service. It doesn’t matter whether they served in the Armed Forces long ago, recently, or were serving at the time of their death. When you send flowers that are intended to pay tribute to their service, you honor this important part of their life. It’s always very comforting to the family and close friends.

Final Tribute is a beautiful arrangement of red, white and blue flowers. It’s the perfect arrangement for the funeral home. We understand how painful and solemn this occasion is, and we try to make these arrangements as unique and personal as we can.

Patriotic Salute is another arrangement that’s ideally suited to a military funeral. We choose the most beautiful red, white and blue flowers that are available. We add filler and a large decorative satin bow to make this as special as the person it is supposed to honor.