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Spread the Spirit of Halloween With Flowers and Treats

halloweenMany people think of Halloween as a quintessentially American holiday. Halloween as we know it evolved out of an ancient Pagan Celtic celebration from the British Isles. The holiday, called Samhain, was a harvest celebration. It also draws on elements from the Ancient Roman tradition that celebrated the Goddess of fruit and trees, Pomona.


Once Christianity spread to England, Church leaders took over the Pagan traditions and blended them with the Christian observances. According to the Church calendar, November 1 is the Feast of All Saints. November 2 is All Souls Day. The Church decided to turn the Pagan Samhain celebration into an event that was better suited to All Saints Day, the feast that occurs the day after Halloween. The term Halloween comes from the Ancient All Hallows’ Eve.


While some folks may think of Halloween as scary stuff and trick or treat, we believe that Halloween is a fantastic fall holiday that brings people together. It’s also the perfect time to enjoy the fruits of the harvest. Some of our favorite fall activities include carving pumpkins and decorating our homes so that the décor captures the feeling of autumn.


We also believe that it’s important to connect with others for this holiday. One way to do that is by sending festive or spooky floral arrangements. Let’s not forget the part of this holiday about which kids always get so excited – getting to eat candy and junk food.


If you can’t share some Halloween cheer with friends or relatives in person, we want to encourage you to send your warm wishes to them with flowers and custom treat packages.


Harvest Pumpkin

We thought we couldn’t think of anything that epitomizes fall more than a pumpkin. That is until we came up with this delightful Harvest Pumpkin arrangement. A keepsake ceramic pumpkin holds earthy fall-colored flowers, including giant sunflowers, daisies, deep red hypericum berries and other seasonal flowers and accents.


In keeping with the tradition of eating loads of candy, we planted a variety of chocolate bars in a plant pot with a saucer. We call this arrangement Harvest of Chocolate. True to form, since this is intended as a gift, we carefully place the chocolate in the folds of wrapping cellophane and dress the pot up with a festive bow.


Ghoulish Ghost

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a bit of trickery, and we went all out do that in a big way. We are sure that our Ghoulish Ghost will scare the living daylights out of anyone who receives it. After they recover from the frightening shock, they’ll be delighted to see the decorative ghost among seasonal flowers and other decorative accents.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re adding some floral décor to your own home to or sending Happy Halloween wishes to friends or family members. You can always count on Julia’s Florist to give you the most creative and unusual Halloween gift flowers and treats.