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What Flowers to Get for Mother-in-Law Day

mother-in-lawIn keeping with the American tradition of establishing unofficial national days of observance, it isn’t surprising that a day would be created for honoring Mothers-in-Law. Drawing on the official Mother’s Day holiday that falls on the second Sunday of May, the editor of an Amarillo, Texas newspaper initiated a Mother-in-Law’s Day observance. The first celebration took place in that city on March 5, 1934.


Today, it’s observed every year on the fourth Sunday of October, which falls on October 25 this year. There is no information to explain when, how or why the date was moved from March to October. Nonetheless, this unofficial national observance gives daughters and sons-in-law the chance to honor their mothers-in-law. It is also an opportunity to try to remove the stereotype stigma about the contentious relationships that most mothers-in-law supposedly have with their adult child’s spouse.


Royal Radiance

For many people, choosing a gift for their spouse’s mother feels awkward. Although you have no trouble finding gifts for your spouse, your mind may go blank when you try to think of something special for his or her mother.


We are here to solve that problem for you. We chose some of our most popular flower arrangements. We are confident that these examples will be a big hit with your mother-in-law.


Abundance of Love

We think of the saying “Go Big or Go Home” when we see our Royal Radiance arrangement. This enormous arrangement is luxuriously lavish. We combine roses, lilies, tulips and an assortment of other flowers, all of which are pink or purple. The grandiosity of this arrangement may leave your mother-in-law speechless, but the expression on her face upon receiving this will say it all.


If you’ve ever experienced tension with your mother-in-law, we’re pretty sure that any memory of that will be erased once she lays eyes on our Abundance of Love. This magnificent combination of pink roses, white hydrangeas, and purple Dendrobium orchids looks spectacular on its own, but the tiny red accent hearts leaves no question about your feelings for your mother-in-law.


In keeping with our theme of pink and purple, you’d think that the name of this arrangement suggests that it’s only suitable for Mother’s Day. Although we call it “Mother’s Beauty,” we believe it’s a delightful arrangement to give to your mother-in-law on Mother-in-Law’s Day.


Mother’s Beauty

Surprise your mother-in-law on Sunday, October 25. Our floral design team here at Julia’s Florist is always ready to help our customers choose or customize a unique flower arrangement for anyone or any occasion.