Flower Subscriptions

Let them know you care all year round!

Favorites in Flower Subscriptions

For when one bouquet just isn't enough, we offer our Flower for a Year items! With this order, we will send a lovely and original floral arrangement once a month for a year! Give the gift that keeps giving all year round from Julia's Florist!

Opting for a floral subscription from Julia's Florist in Wilmington, NC, presents an extraordinary gift idea, perfect for treating yourself or your loved ones to a continuous cascade of beauty and joy. This thoughtful service ensures a fresh, stunning bouquet arrives regularly, transforming any space with the vibrancy and fragrance of freshly cut flowers. Such a subscription is a reminder of nature’s endless beauty, providing a regular uplift in spirits and an ever-changing display to admire.

For loved ones, a floral subscription from Julia's Florist becomes a gift that keeps on giving, marking each delivery with anticipation and delight. It's a way to celebrate one occasion and continuously commemorate the ongoing joy of living, making it an exceptional and heartfelt gesture of affection. Receiving a hand-picked selection of blooms offers a personal touch and a sense of luxury, making every bouquet a remarkable discovery. Moreover, gifting a floral subscription to oneself is a beautiful form of self-care, ensuring your home or workspace is always adorned with the freshness and color of seasonal flowers. Julia's Florist, known for their quality and creativity, tailors each delivery to reflect the best of the season, making every arrangement a unique and stylish accent to your daily life. This service beautifies your environment and supports local craftsmanship and the floral arts in Wilmington, NC, making it a gift that truly enriches on multiple levels.