Rose & Ivy Boutonniere

Rose & Ivy Boutonniere

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This classic boutonniere features a standard rose, sprigs of ivy, and a delicate spray of baby's breath. 

The "Rose & Ivy Boutonniere" from Julia's Florist in Wilmington, NC, epitomizes timeless elegance and classic style, making it an impeccable choice for formal occasions. This boutonniere is beautifully crafted, featuring a single vibrant standard rose, sprigs of lush ivy, and a delicate spray of baby's breath. The rich red of the rose symbolizes deep love and respect, while the ivy represents fidelity and the enduring strength of relationships. The baby's breath adds a touch of purity and innocence, softening the overall design with its subtle grace.

This boutonniere is not just a floral accessory but a statement of traditional sophistication. It suits a variety of significant events such as weddings, proms, or any formal gathering where a touch of classic charm is desired. The careful arrangement of each element ensures that it stands out, adding a distinguished touch to any suit or tuxedo. Moreover, the "Rose & Ivy Boutonniere" is designed to be durable and comfortable to wear throughout long events without losing its allure. It's a perfect way to honor the timeless beauty of nature's creations while celebrating special moments with elegance and style. This boutonniere is a beautiful reminder of the careful attention to detail and quality that Julia's Florist provides, making it a preferred choice for those looking to make an elegant impression.

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