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Best Gifts to Let Your Long-Distance Love Know You Care

Not just any gift will do for your long-distance sweetheart, – any gifts you send should strengthen the bond between you and help you both feel close to one another even though you are far apart. Here at Julia’s Florist, the best flower shop in Wilmington, NC, we know a lot about gifts that express love and romance and have listed a few of our favorites below.

Great Gifts for Keeping Long-Distance Couples Close

Bond Touch Bracelets - image from Bondtouch

Touch Bracelets

For a subtle yet effective way to let your other half know they are on your mind, pick up a Touch Bracelet for each of you. When you want to “touch” your bae, just tap your finger on your bracelet and they will feel it! A series of vibrations and colors will light up on their bracelet letting them know you’re thinking about them at that very moment. It is a sweet way to keep each other close during the day.

Plush Doggo

Plush Doggo

When you can’t be there to snuggle with your sweetie, send her a Plush Doggo to hug in your place. These adorably soft, squishy, and plush animals are enjoyable for hugging and snuggling with at night. Every time your long-distance girlfriend cuddles up with this plushie, she will be comforted, happy, and thinking of you.

This rustic wooden box is filled with elegant premium blooms such as Cymbidium Orchids, Tulips, Stock, Hydrangea and fragrant eucalyptus


There’s a reason the rose is the most famous flower in the world. Its beauty, delicateness, and sweet fragrance are hard to top. Roses grow in a variety of colors which each have their own unique meanings. Red roses, for example, represent deep love, passion, and romance, which is why it is the preferred flower color for Valentine’s Day. For all other days throughout the year, though, choose a different color or mix of colors to spice things us, like our Wild arrangement. This stunning arrangement has peach-colored roses along with pink tulips and orchids. Roses are hands-down the best way to let your long-distance bae know just much you love them.

photo book open to page of couple on beach

Photo Book

Put your favorite couples’ moments in a convenient hard-cover photo book to look through whenever you want to. Sites like Shutterfly make it easy to upload photos, edit, organize, add text and graphics. Photo books are also great for documenting romantic trips or events you and your boo do together. The photobooks will eventually become cherished keepsakes in your relationship.

Smiley faced mugs with heart

Customized Coffee Mug

If you and your sweetie like to enjoy a cup of coffee or hot tea in the morning, keep the tradition going long-distance with customized coffee mugs cup that will make you think of each other. You could each have mugs with your photos on them or have a set of mugs that pair together in some way and are only complete when together. The warm feeling you’ll experience each morning won’t just be from the hot beverage.

A variety of healthy green plants together in a ceramic container makes a perfect presentation of greenery


Plants make great gifts – they provide numerous health benefits such as purifying indoor air, freshening up any space, and lifting spirits. A plant can also be a symbol of your relationship since it takes nurturing, feeding, and care to thrive, just like your LDR does. If you are concerned your partner may not have a green thumb, then select a hard-to-kill plant like succulents or orchids, which are easier to care plants.

The solution to keeping a long-distance relationship going strong is to send gifts from the heart that also appeal to your partner. Plus, it’s important to send gifts frequently to keep the passion stirring. If you ever become stumped on what type of gift to send your partner, just think flowers! No one ever grows tired of receiving flowers – ever! Fresh seasonal flowers are a delightful gift appreciated and loved by everyone, every day, anytime. It’s true! Happy gift-giving and may you and your special loved one be together forever soon.