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Posted by juliasflorist on April 16, 2018 Uncategorized

A Wild And Free Bouquet For Earth Day

April 22 is designated as Earth Day. It has been a yearly observance since 1970. The 2018 theme revolves around ending plastic pollution. We regularly hear news stories about massive amounts of plastic and garbage that are creating islands in the ocean – especially the Pacific Ocean. We also hear reports about things that wash ashore. In honor of this year’s theme, the experienced floral design team here at Julia’s Florist are creating some flower arrangements that use eco-friendly objects for containers.

Wild Flowers is the ideal arrangement for a non-official observance that celebrates a refrain from the use of plastic. The container lends itself well to a floral design that is in perfect sync with nature. A rustic wooden box houses a collection of spectacularly beautiful flowers, including roses, Cymbidium orchids, tulips, hydrangeas, and stock. Accents of fragrant eucalyptus sprigs add to an already sophisticated and elegant bouquet. Earth Day is not just about reducing pollution. It’s often about celebrating the things that grow on our planet and taking the time to see its beauty and protect it. Whether you purchase this design as a gift or choose it to give your spring office or workplace a pick-me-up, it will be crystal clear to friends, family members, and even to outsiders, that you see Earth’s beauty.

Orchids, tulips, stock, hydrangea and eucalyptus in a rustic wooden box.

The creative design team at Julia’s Florist encourages you and welcomes you to come in and help us choose one or more flower or green plant arrangements to give as gifts or to use in your home or business. Celebrating Earth Day isn’t just about planting things. It’s about sharing and appreciating them, too.