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Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

Father's DayCelebrated worldwide, Father’s Day is a special holiday to recognize the humor, love, and support that fathers everywhere give their children and families. Held each year on the third Sunday of June in the United States, Father’s Day has been a popular time for families to visit Julia’s Florist for fun and memorable gifts for dad.

Put This on Your Calendar: For 2015, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21.

How Did Father’s Day Begin?

As with Mother’s Day, the establishment of Father’s Day happened only after several cities around the country began celebrating the holiday each summer to honor fathers. It’s believed that a woman named Grace Golden Clayton was moved by the efforts of Anna Jarvis to create a day devoted to mothers and decided to establish one of her own in 1908 in her small West Virginia town.

Over the next several decades, Father’s Day would grow into a permanent holiday and one that was celebrated across the United States. However, fears of the holiday being turned too commercial meant that official recognition of the holiday didn’t come until the 1960s when it was officially scheduled for the third Sunday in June.

What Gift to Give Dad?

Moms often get fragrant flowers like roses and lilies for Mother’s Day, but traditional gifts for him usually take on a different form. For example, it’s not uncommon for families to give dad a funny gag gift for Father’s Day while giving mom a more endearing gift like flowers on Mother’s Day.

However, there are also some fun ways to get your father, husband, or another dad in your life a meaningful gift. Has your dad meant to spend some time in the garden on the side of the house? Maybe a blooming garden of mixed garden plants might brighten this year’s Father’s Day.

Do you know a man who’s not yet a father? Some families have taken to giving small gifts or cards on Father’s Day when they are an expectant dad. Perhaps a little dish garden that can sit in the nursery as a reminder of the joy to come.

Dads Love Anything

Don’t assume you have to go out on a limb to find something that a father has never received before in his life. Even if you give him yet another pair of striped socks or a tie that looks remarkably like every other tie he has in his closet, he’ll still appreciate the sentiment.