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Chase Away the Winter with Houseplants

houseplant appreciationHouseplants are a regular feature in millions of homes around the United States, and we often forget how beautiful they are until the winter arrives and the vibrant green of the outside world is replaced with winter storms and chilly weather. Houseplant Appreciation Day arrives on January 10th, and it’s the perfect occasion to find a lovely new houseplant from Julia’s Florist.

A Plant for Every Personality

The natural world gives us so much variety, and houseplants come in endless sizes, shapes, and colors. Plants are so much more than just the color green. Even if a plant doesn’t offer the occasional flower, its leaves may still offer beautiful hues like yellow and pink.

If you don’t already have a houseplant, and you’d like to start the New Year with some new green in your home, you might try adish garden that features fresh flowers and a variety of artfully arranged houseplants. Dish gardens are lovely on an office desk, and they also brighten windowsills in the kitchen.

A wonderfully creative way to introduce houseplants into your home is to display a succulent garden, which is a type of plant that holds water inside its leaves, much like a cactus. One of the best features of a succulent garden is that you can water it just once a week, and the plant will thrive in a sunny window.

Vibrant Flowering Houseplants

You may associate houseplants with baskets of green that sit in sunny patches and on windowsills, but you can also celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day with a flowering houseplant.

A lovely addition to your home’s entryway or the waiting room of your office is a blooming azalea plant. When azaleas bloom, they feature beautiful clusters of flowers all over the plant, so they’re a perfect way to infuse the cold of winter with some color.

One of the best ways to use your flowering houseplant is to enjoy its flowers while the weather is cold and then head outside to give the plant a home in your yard when the weather gets warm. You might make it an annual tradition where you introduce a new flowering plant to your home each winter and then relocate it to your growing garden each spring.

Don’t let the thought of the groundhog and six more weeks of winter make you feel like spring will never arrive. Give a houseplant a home this January and enjoy spring a little early this year.