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Why You Should Choose Chrysanthemums this Fall Season


Few flowers bring autumn charm quite the chrysanthemum. This textured, rich flower exudes a multitude of colors that include yellow, orange, red, pink, white, and even purple. Some chrysanthemums (or “mums”) feature multiple colors all in one bloom. While there’s a vast array of color choices today, there was a time it was found primarily in just one color: gold. However, breeding and cultivation has changed all that. Let’s take a look back and explore the origins of chrysanthemum:

The bright mum as a decor and gift item dates back to around 15th century B.C., and its mythology is overflowing with symbolism and stories. Its name is from the Greek language, with the first syllable “chrys“ meaning “golden,” and the second portion of the word derived from the word “anthemion,” meaning “flower.” The breeding and cultivation of chrysanthemums throughout the centuries has brought a present-day palette of colors that go far beyond the original gold.

Autumn Joy and Happiness 

The appearance of the chrysanthemum resembles the daisy and aster, although the mum’s petals are more richly layered and textured. Its center color ranges from yellow to gold, setting the stage for the burst of delightful petals around it. The mum has been associated with happy emotions like joy and optimism through the centuries; this celebrated flower even has an annual “Festival of Happiness” every year in Japan. In the East, it’s also considered a sun symbol that represents an unfolding order and perfection — just like its petals.

The sage Confucius even proposed that the mum be used in spiritual meditation. Another ancient story advocated putting a single mum petal into your wine glass to bring longevity and good fortune. As for in the U.S., the chrysanthemum is the birth flower for November and the gift of the 13th wedding anniversary; it also happens to be the official flower for the city of Chicago.thumbnail-1

The Ultimate Fall Flower

Whether you believe in the symbolism or not, there’s no denying that the mum exudes rare grace and beauty. Both elegant and accessible, mums are equally appropriate for an autumn centerpiece, a home accent bouquet or an autumn gift. An all-mum arrangement like the Autumn Chrysanthemum is sure to delight with its radiant orange petals, but mums also shine when placed with other autumn blooms; enjoy them combined with lilies and other autumn stunners in an Autumn Delights Bouquet.