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Red, White, and Blue Flowers for Veterans Day

thumbnailCelebrated each year on November 11, Veterans Day is a time to honor those who have served our country. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, unlike Memorial Day, Veterans Day is reserved not only for those who gave their lives in service to our nation, but also for those veterans who are still with us.

If you know someone who has served in the military, make sure you send them a token of your gratitude on this day. Julia’s Florist is proud to help you choose the best red, white and blue flowers to honor and acknowledge the veterans in your life.

Patriotic Red Flowers

Red flowers are the universal symbol of love, appreciation and admiration. That means they’re the perfect way to honor a veteran while showing your gratitude for their service. At Julia’s Florist, the most popular red flowers are roses and carnations.

Try our “Celebrate Freedom” arrangement. With red roses, carnations and a small American Flag, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the veterans you know. If you prefer to send only carnations, we offer a bouquet of one dozen carnations in the colors of your choice. Choose red and white carnations tied with a blue ribbon to make a simple yet beautiful token of your appreciation.

Pure, Simple White Flowers

White flowers have long been associated with purity, loyalty, honor and solemnity, so make sure you ask for a bouquet that uses plenty of this color. We carry white flowers in a variety of shapes and sizes, from carnations and roses to daisies and lilies.

Pure white daisies are one of our most popular choices. You can go with either traditional daisies or big, beautiful gerbera daisies. For a little more elegance, look for fragrant lilies. These elegant flowers are striking when paired with a cobalt blue vase.

True Blue Flowers

Blue is the rarest color of all in the flower world, which is why you’ll often see purple flowers used instead. However, if you’re looking for truly blue flowers, try larkspur. Both our “Patriotic Salute” and our “Patriotic Beauty” arrangements are made with blue larkspur, and you are free to add larkspur into your own custom design.

thumbnail-1If you’re looking for other ways to add blue into a floral arrangement, there are several creative things you can do. The most popular choice is simple blue ribbon, but you can opt to add an American flag to your arrangement or use a beautiful blue vase.

With Veterans Day right around the corner, make sure you send a beautiful tribute to friends, family and loved ones that have served in the military. Julia’s Florist is happy to show you red, white and blue arrangements or create a custom arrangement for the veteran you are honoring.