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Dazzling Flowers For International Women’s Day

Have you heard of International Women’s Day? On March 8, International Women’s Day gives the opportunity to celebrate the cherished women in you life. At Julia’s Florist, our team believes this is an excellent day to send the gift of flowers.

International Women’s Day is a long-standing tradition, started in the early 1900s, where women across the globe celebrate the accomplishments of women. It’s a day to call for gender equality, celebrate women who have created significant accomplishments and call for unity among women moving forward.

Purple is the official color of International Women’s Day, and Julia’s Florist has several beautiful arrangements that use purple in celebration of this day. Royal Radiance is one of these. The purple and pink hues of this brilliantly dramatic arrangement are the perfect way to celebrate women. It includes lilies, tulips, roses and many other flowers for a fragrant and colorful display. This impressively large floral arrangement will create a brilliant display.

International Women’s Day is just around the corner. Whether for the woman you love or just one you appreciate and admire, give the gift of flowers to say “thanks” on this important day. Let Julia’s Florist know how we can help you find and deliver the perfect arrangement.