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Posted by juliasflorist on May 27, 2020 | Last Updated: June 2, 2020 Uncategorized

Introducing English Garden Style Flower Arrangements

If you are not familiar with English Garden Style floral arrangements, then we have a wonderful surprise for you! This design is a subtle, charming collection of gorgeous full blooms that resemble flowers just cut from a cottage-style English garden. With a mix of various colorful plants, flowers, and greenery, the essence of this style is one of natural beauty as nature intended. Here at Julias’s Florist, our professional designers love the English Garden Style and we can’t wait to share with you why. Read on for more information. 

English Cottage

English Garden Style Components

Full, lush blooms, abundant greenery, and thrilling textures, just like you’d see walking through a wild and abundant English cottage garden is key to this style. Composing natural pairings as you’d see in nature and not forcing anything is also important. In stark contrast to Victorian estate gardens which are highly stylized, geometrically designed, and purposefully contrived, the English cottage garden is irregular, overflowing, bountiful, and beautiful. This essence is what you’ll see in English Garden style flower arrangements. 

Pink English Roses Blooming

Typically composed of large blooms such as dahlias, roses, or peonies with colorful vertical accents like delphinium, foxglove, and snapdragons, the overall shape is round or oval with a look of abundance and lush greenery.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Often used in weddings, corporate events, Mother’s Day, and Anniversaries, the English Garden style arrangement is perfect for any occasion. Personally, we love having this design in our own home to bring a feeling of the gorgeous English countryside into our abodes. Now that you are familiar with this style, you’re probably eager to get some awesome blooms into your home too, so go ahead and start now!