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Decorating for Thanksgiving with Flowers

Even if cold temperatures and gray skies make what is actually still fall, feel like winter, Thanksgiving is inching up on us. Unpredictable weather makes it difficult for anyone to feel the spirit of the holiday – at least weather wise. Let yourself forget about all of that, and bring the essence of fall into your house – and use that as the color scheme for decorating your Thanksgiving dinner table, and for adding warmth to other areas in your house.

Bring Autumn to the Table

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the harvest, and abundance, and that means food, family, friends and everything else. Yellow, red, orange, brown are all colors we associate with fall, the harvest, and the earthiness of this time of the year. Adorn your table with Rustic Autumn Cornucopia. This fun, whimsical arrangement in a basket is filled with gorgeous orange roses, deep burgundy carnations, cheery yellow sunflowers and more. It’s the perfect way to bring the harvest to an informal table.

The Autumn Centerpiece is another rustic option. Lilies, mums and sprigs of wheat fill the black container with a festive plaid ribbon and two tall yellow candles that will give your table a warm, ambient glow.


For a bright, festive and slightly more formal centerpiece, Julia’s Autumn Gathering Centerpiece is the perfect solution. This elegant arrangement blends roses, daisies, and lilies in quintessential fall colors with other seasonal decorative accents, all of which surround two beautiful tall orange candles.

Let the Harvest Inspire You

You don’t want to forget to bring the warmth and colors of fall into the rest of your home. Place flowers on console tables, coffee tables, the fireplace mantle, your serving table and on tables around your entertaining spaces.

The Garden Blooms Autumn Basket will do just that. This whimsical basket is filled with lilies, mums and other flowers, sprigs of wheat and curly willow branches. Place it on a side table, entry table, a console table behind the sofa, or someplace where your guests can see it.

Nothing will welcome your guests as much as a huge vase filled with bright yellow sunflowers. No matter how miserable it is outside, Sunny Sunflowers will bring the sunshine into your home. For a very classic, but rustic look, the Rustic Roses arrangement will fill your home with the warmth of autumn with the elegance of 24 roses interspersed with mini green hydrangeas.