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Easy Tips to Refresh and Brighten Your Home

Give yourself the luxury of feeling zen and reenergized in your home this spring. From “Mother Nature approved” and D.I.Y. cleaners to feng shui tips, and lovely spring blooms and plants to replace aerosol or plug-in air fresheners, you are sure to breathe a fresh sigh of relief as you welcome this new season. To help give your home the best spring clean, your friends here at Julia’s Florist, Wilmington’s premier flower shop, have some perfect suggestions to refresh, reorganize, and refine each room in your home. 

Refresh Your Kitchen

Kitchen tools and appliances that seem hard to clean, like the inside of your dishwasher, can prove to be some of the easiest to give a little T.L.C to. Simply set the dishwasher to run on a high-temperature cycle and add vinegar before pressing “start.” One of our favorite “green” ways to disinfect and clean the kitchen is with a D.I.Y mixture of distilled water and vinegar.

Refresh with Spring Flowers

A welcoming burst of color is just what your kitchen is missing this spring. We love adding a lush green plant or wonderful spring floral arrangement to help decrease any stress and tension that has accumulated over the winter. In addition, these beautiful gifts from Mother Nature enhance air circulation and help us breathe easier.

  • Peace Lily: A vibrant and popular selection to purify your air
  • Carnations: This long-lasting bloom provides a sweet scent
  • Tulips: One of the first indications that spring has sprung
  • Eucalyptus: Invigorating and rejuvenating aroma helps you breathe easy

Reorganize Your Bathroom

To truly “spring clean,” you need to do more than scrub and sanitize. Toss out the old and reorganize what you have left in your bathroom’s medicine cabinets and linen closet. A good way to begin is by emptying each self and removing all items from your sink and vanity. After giving these areas a deep clean, reevaluate each product, towel, and gadget before putting it back in place. To stay eco-friendly, try to repurpose and rehome items first, instead of immediately filling your trash bag.

Reorganize with Spring Flowers

When “reorganizing” the ambiance in your bathroom, keep it inviting, simple, and fresh. Spring is our favorite time of year to trade in our cozy candles for small bouquets and potted flowers. These blooms are also wonderful alternatives to your beloved air fresheners that may contain toxins and chemicals.

  • Daffodils: Inspire a brighter day and ease tension
  • Gerbera Daisies: Energizing symbol of cheer and joy
  • Sunflowers: Helps us seek light and positivity
  • Hyacinths: Known for their dreamy aroma

Refine Your Bedroom

As you enter your bedroom with the intention to refine your space and “spark joy,” the first step is to declutter. Start with all visible surfaces, like your dresser and nightstand, before moving into your closet. This might mean you grab your trusty hammer or command strips and hang the pictures you have leaning against the wall or larger items. Or, maybe this means you take another look at the things already hanging on your walls to make sure they still reflect the tone and mood you want for your bedroom.

Refine with Spring Flowers

Sprucing up your bedroom can also be done with your favorite spring flowers. Create an oasis that makes you feel serene, uplifted, and ready for a good night’s sleep. Incorporate your favorite spring scents, hues, and natural beauty these blooms bring.

  • Sweet Peas: Their romantic and graceful scent can be associated with the Victorian Age
  • Peonies: Lucky, happy, and lovely symbol of rebirth
  • Hydrangea: Will help you enjoy a full night’s sleep to feel well-rested
  • Orchids: Symbolizing refinement, this bloom can also balance energy

What could be better than welcoming this season of warm, sunny days with bright spring flowers? If you are still in need of a purifying plant to freshen up your home or sweet fragrant blooms to refine your decor, Julia’s Florist has you covered.