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Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

father's dayNo one is sure where the idea of the first Father’s Day came from – there are at least five people in history who “first” came up with the idea, in various parts of the country. Although the first Mother’s Day took place in 1908, the bill suggesting a similar day for fathers was shuffled from desk to desk in Congress for over 50 years! It was in 1972 that President Nixon finally declared it a national holiday, and the world quickly agreed – over 140 countries now celebrate Father’s Day in some way.

In the United States, as well as in the majority of other nations, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. In 2016, that means June 19th is the day– and here at Julia’s Florist, we’d like to assist you in selecting a truly unique and personalized gift for Dad, instead of scrambling at the last minute to buy a coffee mug! This year, give him something he will appreciate. A gift basket of decadent delicacies is the perfect inspiration for sitting around the table, talking and laughing and spending quality time together.

father's dayIf Dad has a den or office, a green plant is a gift he will enjoy all year round. We think he would love a dish garden that will bring life and vitality to any space. This beautiful arrangement is sophisticated and long lasting, but will look right at home in a man cave – and he will be reminded for many years of the love and devotion you have for him. There are over 25 million dads in the US, but only one of them belongs to you – so let us help you honor him on June 19.

These are just two of the Father’s Day gifts available at Julia’s – but we have much more! Surprise him with your creativity and thoughtfulness this year, with a personal gift from Julia’s Florist.