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Floral Designs to Thank Teachers & Nurses

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May 6 and May 9 have something in common. They are both set aside to honor some very special people here in the Wilmington community – nurses and teachers, respectively. The members of both of these professions work tirelessly for the benefit of other people, yet receive very little by way of thanks or recognition. Julia’s Florist would like to partner with you this month to change that – and to send gorgeous floral designs to thank teachers and nurses for everything they do for others.

By the Numbers: The last time a count was done, incredibly, both teachers and nurses saw their nationwide membership at about 3.1 million. 
Florence Nightingale was considered the founder of modern nursing and is the inspiration for the observance. Each year, the week celebrating all those who followed in her footsteps starts on May 6, with Nurses Day – and ends with the commemoration of her birthday on May 12.

Why Celebrate Nurses? Anyone who has spent time in the hospital, no matter what the circumstance, will usually attest to the fact that their nurse was amazing. Nurses have medical expertise and knowledge that make them invaluable members of the team – but all that professional acumen is softened by their compassion and genuine affection for their patients. Nurses are some of the strongest men and women we know, working in very difficult jobs at all hours of the night and day – all because they care.

A beautiful floral arrangement is a bright reminder that you appreciate all they do!

National Teachers Week is May 7 through May 13, with National Teachers Day taking place on May 9. Teachers are perhaps the greatest unsung heroes of our communities. Helen Caldicott, author and activist, put it this way:  “Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth.” If your child currently has a great teacher who inspires them – or if you still remember your favorite teacher from days gone by – give Julia’s Florist a call to arrange for a thank you gift that will touch their heart. Let’s face it, everyone loves to be noticed and recognized for what they contribute!