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Give Flowers this Grandparents Day

grandparents dayWe have a motto here at Julia’s Florist: it is “Flowers for Everyday and Every Occasion.” That motto seems especially fitting as we gear up for National Grandparent’s Day. This year, the annual observance occurs on Sunday, September 13. It always falls on the Sunday after Labor Day. When the observance was scheduled, it was decided that September was appropriate because a fall observance would connect well with the feeling that senior citizen grandparents have about being in the “autumn years” of their lives.

The Origin of National Grandparent’s Day

The brainchild behind the National Grandparent’s Day observance was a Fayette County, West Virginia housewife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother by the name of Marian Lucile Herndon McQuade. Mrs. McQuade was born in 1917, and she died in 2008, seven years after the 2001 death of her husband of more than 60 years. The couple had 15 children, 43 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

Mrs. McQuade came up with the idea in 1970. She enlisted the help of local businesses, churches, civic groups, and politicians. Thanks to the support of her state senator, Senator Jennings Randolph (D-WVA,) the local campaign led to statewide interest. Thanks to the interest of various groups and people throughout the state, West Virginia became the first state to adopt legislation establishing an annual Grandparent’s Day observance. It began when West Virginia Governor Arch Moore issued a proclamation regarding the first Grandparent’s Day observance in 1973.

After achieving success in establishing an official Grandparent’s Day observance on the state level in 1973, Senator Randolph introduced a resolution in the United States Senate with the goal of having the senate pass legislation to establish a National Grandparent’s Day observance. Nothing happened, and there was no mention of the resolution or anything related to it for quite a while.

Mrs. McQuade wasn’t willing to let the matter die. She and her supporters approached the media, hoping to revive interest in turning West Virginia’s observance into a national one. True to the adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” Mrs. McQuade fulfilled her goal of turning the state observance into a national one when President Jimmy Carter signed legislation in 1978, establishing an official Grandparent’s Day observance that would take place annually on the Sunday after Labor Day.

We’ve come up with two gift ideas in the hope that you’ll feel inspired to choose your own plant or floral gift to take or send to your grandparents to show them your love and thoughtfulness on National Grandparent’s Day.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to love and cherish this super cool and unusual Hanging Succulent Garden. This piece of wall art consists of a metal wall display that encases the succulents in your choice of a square or rectangle container.

If you grandparents have a garden, then our Double Azalea Basket is something they’ll love. Wilmington is home to the North Carolina Azalea Festival every year, and azaleas are an important “must have” in any southern garden.