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Give Your Boss A Boss Gift

This month we celebrate bosses everywhere on October 16th with Bosses Day. This National observance began in 1928 when Patricia Bays Haroski, a secretary for State Farm Insurance in Cleveland, realized her boss’s hard work often went unnoticed. Since her boss also happened to be her father, she chose his birthday as the date for acknowledging all bosses everywhere for their tireless efforts to support and motivate their employees. The official date was enacted by Ohio’s governor four years later. At Julia’s Florist, we have created a wide variety of plants, flowers and gift baskets that will make excellent gifts for your boss this year.

A gorgeous dish garden containing a mix of vibrant lush green plants is a perfect desktop adornment for any office. Our Dish Garden is an exceptional design presented in a professional modern container. Bright greens bring a touch of sophistication to any room. Add a touch of warmth to your boss’s office with this inviting display.

Various green plants in a gray ceramic bowl.

Show your appreciation and gratitude for all the ways your boss motivates, encourages and supports you as an employee this month with Bosses Day. On October 16th, choose from the many designs created by the professionals at Julia’s Florist and have your favorite sent directly to your boss.