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Graduation Flowers from Julia’s Florist

graduation flowersSpring is representative of so many new beginnings; it seems a most fitting time to celebrate graduations. Because although these ceremonies recognize an ending, the traditions associated with them just as often signal a rite of passage, a gateway to the next new and exciting phase of life. As a matter of fact, academics agree that the reason that we make such a production of graduations is because we know that this is a momentous life change for the graduate, and it deserves a dignified and proper observance.

The caps and gowns that we wear at graduation are a direct observance of the educational culture in the Middle Ages. At that time, the only institution of learning was the church, so those finishing their religious studies wore liturgical robes. The cap is a derivation of the biretta, a Roman Catholic hat worn by the monks. At universities, the tassel on the cap is the color that represents the specific field of study; the robes are adorned with the same color. Regardless of the level of graduation, from elementary school to college, the tassel is moved from one side to the other at the end of the ceremony, indicating that a change has taken place.

The graduates in your life have worked hard to get to this point. The amount of time and effort required to reach the moment of walking across that stage is impressive – so don’t let it go unnoticed! Julia’s Florist is here to help you create a bouquet that will honor them in a meaningful way, either by designing an arrangement in their school colors or by utilizing blooms that represent specific sentiments. Since the most ancient of times, victorious warriors, athletes and competitors have been greeted with flowers to acknowledge their achievement – let your graduate know that you recognize their accomplishment with a gorgeous floral display from Julia’s Florist.