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Healthy, Happy Bees

If you’re looking for a simple way to promote a healthy environment in your own backyard, try including bee-friendly blooms and plants to encourage a balanced eco-system and strong pollination. Bees are important contributors to our food sources due to their pollination work. Create a great space for them with bright flowers and simple petal patterns, like daisies and sunflowers. Provide some shade and water to keep bees cool and hydrated as they work. Use organic pesticides (or go all natural) to invite bees into your garden and help them thrive. The floral experts at Julia’s Florist have some great designs that make wonderful bee-friendly porch or patio pieces.

A sunny display of bright daisies and yellow roses as seen in our For All You Do bouquet might be the most enticing buds your local bees have seen. Between the simplicity of the single-petal daisy design and the sweet fragrance of roses, bees are sure to delight in these flowers. Display on your outdoor patio or grow some in your garden.

Yellow and white flowers in a clear glass vase.

Add new life and a vibrant spirit to your garden, porch or backyard by being deliberate with your choice of flowers. The floral designers at Julia’s Florist are glad to help you choose the best flowers for your outdoor space that will invite bees and encourage a healthy environment all year round.