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Help Yourself To A Healthy September

September is self-care month, a time to focus on what we’re doing to take care of ourselves and what we could be doing better. Foster wellness in your own life by surrounding yourself with a healthy environment in your home or office. Giving healthy gifts to co-workers is another means of creating balance while helping them care for themselves, as well. A gift of thriving, low-maintenance plants is a lovely way to encourage a positive attitude while providing a stress-lowering atmosphere to your recipient. Julia’s Florist of Wilmington, NC, suggests you share plant life with people around you in a creative way.

Our whimsical Air Ware designs are a great gift for co-workers or friends. Including plants in home decor, these handmade clay charms mimic sealife but use live, low-maintenance air plants that freshen each room of your home or office. Accompanied with easy-care instructions, these designs make a great gift.

Giving a live plant as a gift encourages healthy living, lower stress and a general balance in their life. Caring for plants has been known to have lasting health benefits, like lowering stress and building empathy. Have the best Wilmington flower delivery, Julia’s Florist, bring some of these adorable air wares to your co-workers for self-care month.