Living Air Ware

Custom charms adorned with living, breathing air plants.

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  • Living Air Ware™ offers custom charms adorned with living, breathing Tillandsia (“air plants”). Charms are currently available as ornaments, refrigerator magnets and earrings. They are handmade from polymer clay that has been styled and cured to resemble nautical creatures, fruits & veggies, fantasy characters and miniature versions thereof. The air plants are incorporated into the design of each charm. In featured designs, the air plant becomes the tentacles of the jellyfish, body of the nautilus or legs of the squid.

    The custom designs of Living Air Ware™ are not only whimsical and colorful, but functional as well. To preserve longevity of the air plant, each charm is specially fabricated to allow breathing room and proper water drainage.  Living Air Ware™ charms complement the enchanting personality of this exotic plant species, and are designed to facilitate the air plant’s low maintenance in imaginative home décor. Living Air Ware™and its design concepts are in the process of trademark registration.        

    All charm purchases from Living Air Ware™ come with a How to Care for Living Air Ware™ instruction sheet that explains the minimal maintenance needs of Tillandsia. Air plants are an incredibly hearty and resilient plant species. With continued care, Living Air Ware™ charms and their Tillandsia air plants can last for months up to years. They may even bloom and grow air plant pups of their own that will extend from the base of the mother plant. These pups can be used to extend the life of the Living Air Ware™ charm indefinitely.