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Julia’s Florist – International Women’s Day

women's dayCelebrated annually , International Women’s Day is set aside to raise awareness of the status of women in nations around the world. Although nations in the West largely afford women equal status as citizens, there are still many nations globally in which women face unequal circumstances, no access to education, and even the threat of violence. On March 8th, there will be gathering, events , rallies and speeches in over 100 countries; all with the aim and intent of elevating the issues so that they can be seen and confronted. In 2016, the movement’s theme is “Make it Happen!”, a reference to achieving parity for all women through a defined action plan.


Here in the United States, women are an integral part of the fabric of our history. From Sacajawea leading westward expeditions; to Sandra Day O’ Connor leading the way onto the Supreme Court – women enjoy unparalleled opportunity to women across the country. Right here in Wilmington, we know that there are women who are influencing lives and affecting change every day. Whether in a school room or a board room – and everywhere in between – women shape culture.

women's day


For the influential woman in your life, Julia’s Florist has floral bouquets and arrangements that will show them how remarkable they are. Look to the language of flowers to send them a truly meaningful gift:


  • Astromeria (peruvian lilies) signify wealth and prosperity
  • Daffodils convey respect and esteem
  • Palm plants and laurel flowers declare victory, achievement and success
  • Lotus flowers and sage leaves tell them you think they are wise
  • Gladioli indicates strength of character


Come into Julia’s Florist today to design a bouquet that celebrates her on International Women’s Day. And join us in remembering women around the world still fighting for equal rights.