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Julia’s Florist National Floral Design Day

floral design dayCan you imagine a world without art? So much of everything that surrounds us, from architecture to gardens to clothing, can be categorized in some way as artistic expression. Even though this is certainly true, many people still limit the definition of artwork to something created with paint on canvas, or sculpture formed from metal or wood.

At Julia’s Florist, we see ourselves as artists, and flowers are our medium. In fact, the art of floral design has influenced cultures since the beginning of time, and continues to grow and inspire as time goes on. Although we see evidence of flowers in every ancient culture, its modern day applications were largely pioneered by Carl Rittners. Widely considered to be the founding father of modern American floral design, Rittners established a formal precedent and legitimacy for the art form. By instituting and teaching at the Boston-based Rittners School of Floral Design, he influenced, inspired and educated generations of floral professionals. Traditional design elements, such as color theory and composition, are taught in an academic setting, assuring that the floral industry continues to be on the forefront of innovation, design and artistry.


February 28th, is Rittners birthday, and therefore is nationally recognized as Floral Design Day; honoring the passion that characterized Rittners life’s work. We think he would agree that you don’t need a special occasion to send your loved ones a living work of art, but this month does give you a unique opportunity. Just as artists create art in the hopes of bring joy and beauty to the world, the floral artists at Julia’s Florist in Wilmington look forward working with you to create a masterpiece of flowers – just tell us your budget and style, and we’ll unleash the creativity! Let’s make the world more beautiful this month. Call us today.