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A July Birthday Bouquet

july birthdayThe birthstone has a long history full of legend and mysticism. They are believed to have been inspired by the breastplate of ancient Jewish priests; these pieces were adorned with 12 gemstones which represented the Biblical 12 tribes of Israel. The first time it was recorded that twelve distinct stones were used to represent months of the year was in 15th century Poland, and the Gregorian calendar has a poem corresponding to each stone. In 1912, the modern list of birthstones was published by the National Association of Jewelers. The list has been altered several times since then, with the latest change being the addition of tanzanite to December, which took place in 2002.

july birthdayAlthough the original European list indicated that the July birthstone was the sapphire, the American list switched over the ruby. The ruby is recognized as the July birthstone in both the United States and Great Britain, and for good reason. This opulent and luxurious red stone is truly regal in appearance and indeed is known as the “king’s stone.” Legend states that a Chinese emperor once offered an entire city to anyone who could bring him a perfect ruby, and a true naturally occurring red ruby is still a rarity. Many rubies sold today are enhanced to provide the rich red color everyone covets.

july birthdayTo celebrate a July birthday, turn to the artistic designers at Julia’s to create a ruby red bouquet worthy of royalty. Whether decadent roses, red gerberas or red carnations, these flowers will deliver the beautiful essence of a ruby to all of your July birthday celebrants. To make the arrangement as rare and special as they are, let us create a unique arrangement just for them.