What the Many Different Colors of Roses Say

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shutterstock_14492851Celebrating love with a gift of flowers can be a wonderful way to demonstrate affection and thoughtfulness. Roses in particular can be fantastic gifts. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching many people find themselves browsing catalogues and looking for ideas about the perfect gift to give that special someone. Those who do not want to just want to give the standard red rose and struggle to come up with a new idea might want to consider investigating the different color meanings for various roses. Each color has its own traditional meaning, which can be used to create a personal message for the intended. At Julia’s Florist, we find the following roses to be wonderful for showing love.

Pink roses

Pink roses are a fantastic alternative to red roses. Pink traditionally indicates elegance and refinement as well as admiration and affection. These stunning blooms will look fantastic nearly anywhere and should light up the face of nearly any recipient. A bouquet of a dozen hand-tied pink roses can be a wonderful gift for that special someone.

Yellow roses

Yellow roses are another wonderful alternative to red roses. These roses often communicate feelings of friendship, joy, and affection. It lets the recipient know that they make the giver happy and that the relationship matters.

The yellow of these gorgeous blooms can also be a wonderful way to light up the room, particularly in the middle of winter when Valentine’s Day falls. Let the beloved enjoy a bit of the sunshine that will come in spring by bringing these lovely flowers inside.

White roses

White roses typically indicate innocence and young love. They communicate the love that the couple has for each other while the white of the blooms easily lights up any room.

Consider also creating an arrangement that uses several of these different colors options. When the colors listed above come together, they can create a particularly meaningful gift. For example, use the traditional deep red of passionate love and romance and combine it with the yellow to show affection and joy, white to communicate young love, and pink for admiration. The flowers will come together in an arrangement that will fit the meaning of the holiday perfectly.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular times of the year for couples to demonstrate their love and affection for one another. Those who want to step out of the box a bit and not use the standard red rose have many options available to them. Consider using one of these different rose color options and craft the message that will be perfect for the relationship.




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