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Mother’s Day with Julia’s Florist

mother's dayAncient art and literature prove that society has always cherished mothers and that matriarchs have always held a place of esteem in their family. But Mother’s Day as we know it today – a day created for the sole purpose of honoring our Moms – is a much more recent custom. Mother’s Day was first established in 1914 and is credited to Anna Jarvis; although several people helped pave the way for the holiday.

mother's dayThe first shadows of Mother’s Day appeared in pre-Civil War Days. A woman named Ann Reeves Jarvis decided to form clubs to empower them to be strong and capable parents. During and after the Civil War she continued to help them to cope with life post-war by forming “Mother’s Friendship Day” when the mothers of both Union and Confederate soldiers met to promote reconciliation. A few years later, Julia Ward Howe, a prominent abolitionist, and champion of women’s rights, wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation,” calling for women everywhere to unite for world peace. But it was Anna Reeves Jarvis’ daughter Anna that got the holiday noticed, and in 1914, it was named a national holiday.

mother's dayMother’s Day is celebrated around the world in much the same way as it is here in the United States. In Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and India, mothers are honored on the second Sunday in May. Thailand is one country which has adopted the tradition but recognizes it on a different day. In that country, it is celebrated on the queen’s birthday, currently in August. Here in the United States, billions of dollars are spent purchasing cards, gifts and flowers for our moms. Although there are thousands of flowers to choose from, there are some that have come to represent the epitome of motherly love – roses, lilies, tulips, and orchids are all popular choices for the day.

mother's daySee more Mother’s Day gift ideas at our blog or shop our entire collection online! Whatever choice you make, you can be assured that a gorgeous floral bouquet from Julia’s Florist will bring the same beauty to her home that she brings to your life. Call us today to ensure your favorite arrangement is still available for Mother’s Day.