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Say It With Flowers This Valentine’s Day

flower meaningsWhether roses, lilies, orchids, or tulips, it is no coincidence that flowers are one of the most popular gifts for friends and loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Not only do flowers possess endless beauty and emit a lovely fragrance, they also have the ability to convey important meaning, showing your love, appreciation, passion, or friendship through the unique symbolism of their colors. Whether you need a gift for your significant other, a friend, or someone who deserves a heartfelt thank you, follow our guide below to select flowers in just the right hues to give to the special people in your life on Valentine’s Day.

Red – The color most associated with Valentine’s Day it comes as no surprise that red symbolizes passion, intense romance, and deep love. Red roses are the classic choice, but if the love of your life prefers a different bloom, a vibrant red in any type of flower will show your feelings of affection. If honest intentions accompany your passion, you can convey this by mixing in white blooms which represent innocence and purity.

Orange – The color orange reminds everyone of fire. For this reason, it holds the same meaning as red. Orange flowers in any bouquet will show your recipient the strength of your desire.

Pink – Still a color of romance, pink conveys more subtle feelings or new affection. The color pink shows appreciation, admiration, and joy in addition to symbolizing elegance and grace. Pink stargazer lilies specifically represent hope and aspirations, making them an appropriate choice for a budding relationship.

Yellow – A truly platonic color choice in flowers, yellow symbolizes happiness, sunshine, and friendship. This Valentine’s Day, yellow bouquets will show your friends just how much you care and how happy it makes you to have them in your life.

When you are shopping for your Valentine’s Day gifts, our professionals at Julia’s Florist can help you select the right colors of flowers in beautiful arrangements to show your love, passion, appreciation, or caring. We wish you and your loved ones a happy love-filled Valentine’s Day.