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Seasonal Autumn Centerpieces and Flowers

At formal gatherings and dinners, no table is truly complete without a beautiful centerpiece. Centerpieces can be comprised of flowers, candles, and even fruits and nuts. Throughout the centuries, these focal arrangements have taken on different forms. For instance, the Romans used foliage and greens to create their designs, while in the Middle Ages, marzipan figurines were all the rage. In the 18th century, centerpieces were vertical in design, to ave room on the table; but it was in the 19th century that flowers first made their debut.

autumn centerpiecesFloral centerpieces were often created around a theme, based upon the holiday or special event which was being celebrated. This is not too far off our tradition today, when harvest and autumn centerpieces are designed with items which often represent the abundance of the season.

Fall flowers for autumn centerpieces include asters and daisies, roses and lilies, and mums. Popular accent details are cattails, wheat sheaves, foliage, curly willow and birch branches. Our designers may also choose to add such whimsical elements as gourds, fruits such as grapes or apples, and even artichokes.

Popular fall colors are primarily warm and welcoming – rich, deep reds; burnt oranges, and vivid yellows are all used abundantly in autumn centerpieces. Of course, these colors are also perfect for all fall florals, such as October birthday bouquets, or Halloween designs.

When you are looking for beautiful seasonal home decor, look no further than Julia’s Florist in Wilmington. We are happy to provide you with all of the seasonal flowers you’ll need to transform your space this year.