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Posted by juliasflorist on December 26, 2017 | Last Updated: December 29, 2017 Uncategorized

Thoughtful Flowers To Help Healing

Sometimes all a person needs when they’re feeling sick is a good dose of sunshine and a reminder that they will recover. Flowers can give both, promoting a general sense of well being and optimism. Studies show that hospitalized patients who have flowers or potted plants in their rooms use less pain medication and have lower blood pressure overall when compared to their flower-less counterparts. In fact, the benefits of flowers are so established it’s hard not to see them as the best possible thing to administer promptly to anyone who may be suffering from a cold or the flu.

We at Julia’s Florist are keenly aware of all of the benefits flowers offer to a person who feels under the weather.

Your best bet for a get well bouquet is something bright and cheerful, which we have in abundance. You may also want to keep it small in scale so as to better fit on a bedside table or dresser, an ideal spot for someone who is recovering to enjoy it. Our Thoughtful bouquet certainly fits the bill. 

Pink and yellow is the rosy palette here, with carnations and lilies giving the whole arrangement a playful, upbeat vibe. This design is sweet, simple and just as bright as a flood of sunshine. Look to us at Julia’s Florist to help you find the floral gift that will help your recipient feel better during a time when they need it most.