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What are you doing this February 14th? Your friends at Julia’s, Wilmington’s premier florist, have some ideas that are sure to make your Valentine swoon. Spoil your sweetheart with a cozy date night at home or enjoy some self-care with all your favorite things. Whichever way you celebrate, fill the day with extra love.

Seven Fun At-Home Date Ideas

Night sky full of stars

Enjoy Sitting Under the Stars

A breathtaking sunset followed by a brilliant night sky is Mother Nature’s way of saying, “I love you.” Enjoy these gifts with your sweetheart as you find romance under a blanket of stars. Bring out an actual blanket to share and keep each other toasty while you sip hot drinks, like cocoa, tea, or warm cocktails. It’ll be a beautiful night to remember.

Red rose and petals in a heart jigsaw puzzle

Build a Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are a cozy activity perfect to sweeten up a Valentine’s Day at home with your love. See how well you can work together as a couple, and if all goes well, glue the finished masterpiece and frame your romantic souvenir. As you sort hundreds of puzzle pieces together, make sure your ambiance is just right, and don’t forget the roses

Couple dancing on wood floor

Learn How to Ballroom Dance

“Dancing With the Stars” followers will enjoy a taste of this romantic language of dance. Find an online tutorial or come up with your own unique routine to a favorite song. Dance the night away in your living room together and learn something new. You might just fall in love again. 

Life's best moments together are about the purity of love; and when you send this captivating Be Mine flower bouquet to someone special, you'll be showing them how much you care. With red roses for love and white lilies and daisies for purity, it's a heavenly gift for your Valentine

Admire Some Flowers

A candlelight dinner for two isn’t complete without a gorgeous floral arrangement. Whether you plan to enjoy a romantic dinner or dessert together, a beautiful bouquet is a must-have to make the table perfect. Select classic roses for a traditional date at home, or a unique bouquet like “Lovingly Yours” to make it extra special.  

Heart Shaped Pizza

Cook Your Favorite Dinner

Since cooking for your partner is a common way of showing love, then preparing a favorite meal for yourself must also be a great way to practice self-love. Choose your favorite dish or something you don’t often cook for yourself. Block out a few hours of your day to enjoy time in the kitchen spoiling your taste buds. Don’t neglect your sweet tooth! Bake a wonderful dessert, too. 

Movie screen and wooden bowl of popcorn

Host a Great Movie Marathon

Movie lovers will have the best day ever with this at-home, cozy date idea. A great movie marathon, with films selected by you and your Valentine, will be held right in your living room. Light a few candles, roll out warm blankets, and grab lots of pillows to create a comfy and intimate atmosphere. Pour some wine and share a bowl of popcorn to make it special. 

Coin donation jar with red hearts

Make a Loving Donation

A loving donation is simply one that comes from the heart to benefit your community. Complete this meaningful project with your honey or make your thoughtful donation on your own. Spreading love to those in need can come in all forms, such as monetary, food-based, clothing, your own time, and more. Once you choose an organization that tugs on your heart, the rest will fall into place.

Have you made your Valentine’s Day plans yet? No matter if you have a date or not, perfect your ambiance at home and fill it with love and beautiful blooms from Julia’s Florist. Happy Valentine’s Day!